Best 100+ Essie Nail Polish Colors / Fall / Summer / Winter / Spring

Nail Polish Colors – If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know about my slight nail polish addiction. And if you’re new around here, now you know a random little fact about me! I have developed quite the collection…and owning a lot of these little bottles requires somewhere to put them.

I have searched the internet and was able to come up with 12 options for nail polish storage and organization. Not only are these ideas functional, but they are also great ways to display your pretty and colorful nail polish collections!

Best Essie Nail Polish Colours

best essie nail polish colours

Essie is a globe famous nail polish brand that began in 1981. Today, nearly every nail polish fan wish to have a few of these charms in her collection. Their vibrant and also lively tones are simply also excellent, not to mention their exceptional high quality and quick drying solutions.

It is among minority brand names that has actually won numerous awards for their items. Here is a collection of some of the very best Essie nail polishes out of the several gorgeous ones available. Have a glimpse at this listing of leading 10 Essie nail polishes. You are going to attempt one of them for sure.

1. Essie Jam ‘n’ Jelly

Essie Jam ‘n’ Jelly colours

Jam ‘n’ Jelly is a hot pink polish in a metallic do with blue undertones. The color is so intense, it practically leans towards neon.

2. Essie Vermillionaire

Essie Vermillionaire colors

Vermillionaire is a bright orange color in a creme coating. I enjoy just how intense as well as bold it is. Perfect polish to show off during summertimes.

3. Essie Bold and also Stunning

Essie Bold and Beautiful colors

Bold and Attractive is a deep red with brown undertones in a creme coating. The shade is nicely dark and vampy. It is a great alternative for those who hesitate of using standard reds.

4. Essie Aruba Blue

Essie Aruba Blue colors

If you are daring sufficient, this Essie blue nail polish you need to have in your stockpile. Aruba Blue is a truly brilliant blue polish in a metal finish.

5. Essie Leading Woman

Essie Leading Lady nail

Leading Girl is a dark red polish with lots of red radiance in it. This set is pretty enough to wear for a festive occasion.

6. Essie Cute As A Button

Essie Cute As A Button nail

Adorable name for an adorable shade. Cute As A Switch is a very peach– pink color in a creme surface. You could quickly carry this color at the workplace.

7. Essie Girl Godiva

Essie Lady Godiva colors

This color absolutely reminds me of thawed dark chocolate. Woman Godiva is a dark brownish shade in a creme surface.

8. Essie Sexy Split

Essie Sexy Divide colors

Hot Separate is a wonderful dark purple with very great blue shimmers in it. I would certainly like to obtain my practical this set.

9. Essie Meatballs

Essie Meatballs colors

Meatballs is a dark peachy– pink color with fine gold sparkles in it. This is a neutral shade that anybody can wear effortlessly

10. Essie Mademoiselle

Essie Mademoiselle colors

I enjoy this shade to bits. Mademoiselle is a very light large pink polish in a creme surface. You will certainly need numerous coats if you desire complete opacity, however it is finest used as a french manicure base as in the above photo.

Best Nail Polish Colors Fall / Winter / Summer / Spring

nails polish color

we pay a lot focus on our nails (it constantly takes us no less than 20 mins to choose the perfect shade every single time we obtain a peanut, be it in your home or the salon)– however turns out we have actually been doing it all incorrect.

We should not be matching our nail color to our attire our even our state of minds, because just like our hair and our makeup, our nails should be matching our skin tone. That’s right, there are certain nail polish colors that create the very best nail polish for light skin, as well as other nail colors that match dark complexion much better. How did we not recognize this prior to? We asked the specialists and rounded up come adorable nail colors in shades from naked to blue to assist you on your means to manicure perfection.


Light skin tones Nail Colors

Light skin tones nail colors

Witness the polish tones that will certainly look divine on you! The trick with pale skin tones are discovering polish shades that compliment, as opposed to competing with or rinsing, your reasonable skin. Below’s a special selection of colors to get you began.

Nude nail polish colors: Nude brightens constantly leading one of the most prominent lacquer lists, however selecting the right nude for you is absolutely a trial-and-error procedure. Star manicurist Elle, who collaborates with celebrities like Blake Lively and also Jennifer Lopez, says that those with fair complexion– believe Emma Rock– ought to try a large pinkish naked rather than an off-white, as she states that could show up yellow.

Red nail polish colors: Choose a classic shade, like the red on the bottom of Christian Louboutin’s renowned footwear. It’s a color that Elle states will certainly flatter everyone, also those with light complexion. When purchasing, though, make certain to hold your red polish up to the light.

If you can see through it, you recognize it’s mosting likely to be large. Also, star manicurist as well as nail expert Deborah Lippmann recommends going with a tidy and amazing blue-toned red to actually make the most of pale skins.

Pink nail polish colors: When it comes to pinks, those with light skin tones have a ton of alternatives. Deborah claims that reasonable skin can entirely rock both sheer pinks or incredibly intense fuchsias with great undertones.

Purple nail polish colors: For reasonable skin, Elle claims that pastel lavenders look outstanding, yet to be wary of just how much white the color has in it. Typically, you want to make sure it won’t look more white compared to lilac when it’s sitting versus your skin.

Blue nail polish colors: You could be lured to opt for that cobalt, yet Elle says that if you have a light skin tone, navy is an enjoyable choice. Actually, it’s an additional that functions particularly well if you have a cozy undertone. “I would certainly state that this color is nearly universal,” she says. “Navy goes so wonderful on any individual’s complexion, you can not obtain it incorrect.”

Medium-olive skin tones Nail Polish Colors

Medium-olive skin tones nail colors

Tool complexion vary– from a bronzy radiance to olive– which transforms the colors you wear ideal depending on your undertone. Nevertheless, these nail polish choices are globally lovely as well as stunning for your medium-toned skins.

Nude: While those with really fair skin might lean towards something with a pinkish tip, tool skin can manage something that is a little bit extra off-white. Lippmann explains her favored beige-nude, “Style” (imagined over) as a “full-coverage yellow-based color.”

Red: Orange-reds may rule your lipstick collection, but that shade can work well with your mani, also. Elle clarified to us that if you had a skin tone similar to Kim Kardashian, she would pick a red that had a pop of orange to it. Similarly, Lippmann says that she would certainly select something with gold undertones. “A red with gold touches will certainly bring out this skin tone’s natural glow,” she told us.

Pink: Those with tool complexion may discover peachy-pinks particularly lovely, inning accordance with Deborah. Look for gloss that are large yet colored for a juicy, summertime-appropriate appearance.

Blue: While tool skin tones could do light blues, an intense skies blue is a lot more lovely choice. Elle claims to make sure that any type of color you select has sufficient pigment in it to really stand apart next to your skin, especially if you have warm undertones.

Purple: Purple isn’t really simply taking control of your eyeshadow palette; it turns out that purple polish is incredibly functional. Elle advises keeping away from pastels with a white base and going to something with more pigment, like a deep grape color.

Dark Skin Tones Colors

Dark skin tones colors

Complement your deep skin tone with nail gloss that supply a punch of high effect color. While every shade of lacquer looks impressive on dark skin, these are our picks for the best shades.

Pink: Elle says that those with dark skin must steer clear of from light, infant pinks. “Make sure you’re actually putting on pink,” she says, indicating neons and also intense fuchsias.

Purple: Deep complexion could wear both pastel and also dark purples similarly well. So just how should you tighten it down? Try a global color that holds a darker berry-tint to it– Deborah Lippmann recommends attempting her shade, “Drunk in Love.”

Blue: Obtained cries? It’s time to embrace intense the brightest cobalt shades, which will actually stand out alongside your skin. If you wish to do an infant or heather blue, you should ensure there isn’t too much of a white undertone to the formula.

Nude: When it concerns picking the most effective nude for you, cream and also off-white nail brightens with sheer, jellylike solutions win once more. Elle says that when she’s dealt with Kerry Washington, she picked OPI’s “Samoan Sand,” visualized above, for the excellent nude shade.

Red: While almost every red looks incredible with dark skin tones, Lippmann claims that deep reds work well with darker skin tones and give “a small variation.” Think complete, abundant shades that you could find in gems or a glass of fantastic red wine.

Nail Polish Colors Organization

nail polish idea

1. I guess I will start off with my own nail polish rack, which I made with the help of my Dad. This is what I currently use to display my collection, but unfortunately I didn’t make it big enough. I would need at least two of these now…so I guess it might be time to build another one!.

nail polish organization

2. I love this cake stand nail polish colors display, put together by Design Eur Life. This is the perfect option for someone who has a smaller collection, but still wants to make it look nice. These cake stands are from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s. I think these cake stands are perfect and I might have to order them, even if I don’t end up using them for nail polish!

nail polish

3. A jar or vase is another option for anyone who has a smaller number of bottles to store. I love how Belinda Selene displayed her nail polish in a glass jar on her dresser. I think this Target apothecary jar would work great for this purpose!

winter nail colors

4. I’m really excited about this DIY project from This Mom’s Gonna Snap. I’ve seen these IKEA spice racks used so many ways (I’ve been wanting to get some to use as bookshelves in my kids’ rooms), but I love how perfect they are for holding nail polish colors! Just paint them whatever color you want and voilà…easy nail polish rack!

spring nail colors

5. Not really into DIY? Well, don’t worry…just buy a spice rack from the store! Happy Healthy Pretty’s rack looks fantastic on her wall, don’t you think? You can get this same spice rack at Target at a great price!

color changing nail polish

6. Shoe Organizers aren’t only for shoes…sometimes you have to think outside the box, just like Next On Tiff’s List did. This hanging display makes it simple to sort your nail polish by color, so you can easily find what you are looking for next time you need to paint your nails! These organizers are only $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond (if you were to use one of their coupons it would be even less).

polished nails

7. Another easy option is this acrylic nail polish stand, which holds 50 bottles nail polish colors. If you have space on a dresser or counter, I think this would look amazing. The different levels make it easy to organize, as well as access the polish.

nail color ideas

8. If you have a lot of lacquer, but don’t want to deal with organizing it on a shelf…how about a tray? Just used a cute wooden tray with dividers to store her nail polish colors. I like this because it makes it easy to see what you have, but also easy to put away if you decide you don’t want your collection out on display anymore. If you don’t have a tray, you could use a drawer organizer nail polish colors that would serve the same purpose.

gel nail colors

9. How fun is this DIY spinning nail polish display by Life Ann Style?! These stands are absolutely gorgeous and I love that you can rotate them to find exactly what you are looking for. I’m not sure if I like the silver or the glass better…both are lovely!

glitter nail polish

10. Perhaps you have an old wooden spice rack collecting dust in your attic? If not, I’m sure you could check out a few garage sales and find one that would work. I love the fun green color The Speckled Dog painted this rack that she already had in her stash. Gotta love the power of a little spray paint!

powder nail polish

11. Here is a wonderful acrylic nail polish rack that will make your room feel a little bit like a nail salon, but without the bad smell (am I the only one who hates that smell?). It’s lightweight and fits around 80-90 bottles. Unlike my DIY rack, this doesn’t require any cutting, drilling, or painting…so that’s a plus!

nail polish rack

12. The final nail polish colors display option I want to share with you is this DIY hanging wire shelf, created by Mad in Crafts. It was made for craft paint, but is also the right size for nail polish! I love the visual effect it has when placed on the wall.

cute nail colors

Well, there you have it folks…12 pretty ways to display your nail polish. So what are you waiting for? Go organize that lacquer!

we pay a lot attention to our nails (it constantly takes us no less than 20 mins to select the ideal color every single time we obtain a peanut, be it in the house or the beauty parlor)– yet ends up we’ve been doing it all incorrect. We shouldn’t be matching our nail shade to our attire our even our state of minds, because just like our hair as well as our makeup, our nails should be matching our complexion.

That’s right, there are certain nail polish colors that produce the very best nail polish for light skin, and also other nail colors that match dark skin tones much better. Just how did we not recognize this before? We asked the professionals as well as rounded up come adorable nail colors in shades from naked to blue to lead you on your method to manicure excellence.

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