100+ Best Travel Scrapbooks and Journal That Will Amaze You

How To Make Travel Scrapbook – Call me old fashioned, but I just can’t buy into the whole photo book craze. Sure they’re a rather convenient way to document your travel memories, but where the heck do you put all of those mementoes like boarding passes and museum ticket stubs? And how would you show off that cool travel-themed scrapbook paper you sourced, or get to bust out some cute Eiffel-tower shaped stickers?

Along with collecting shot glasses from every new place I visit, my other travel tradition is to document my adventures by travel scrapbooking, to the point where I now have a stack of them that takes up half a shelving unit—and I love every minute of it. Here are some tricks I’ve picked up along the way about how to make a good travel scrapbook.

Scrapbooking Tools: First I Will Show You How to Make it

how to make a travel scrapbook

While some may prefer a more compact photo scrapbook, the most common size is 12 x 12 which fits four or five 4×6 photos per page. Make sure you have the following scrapbooking tools on hand before you get crafting:

  • A sharpie for writing bold titles, and a pen for more detailed captions.
  • A three-ring binder
  • Plastic page protectors
    12x 12 scrapbook paper– I like to do each place in the same colour so it’s obvious when you’re moving on to a new place. For example, do all of my Switzerland pictures on red paper, then change to yellow for the Netherlands section of the scrapbook.
  • Travel stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Photos (duh!)
  • Wine and good music to get you through the hours-worth of scrapbooking

How to Make a Travel Scrapbook & Journal

travel scrapbooking ideas

If you only learn one thing from this article let it be this: it pays to plan ahead. I used to just scroll through my photos, pick my favourites, then run and print them off.

Want to know why that’s a terrible idea? Because you end up printing more than you need (hence wasting money) and spend way too much time trying to figure out how to group them. Oh, and you’ll probably end up with holes to fill which means more time and money spent printing them off.

Instead, get the hard stuff out of the way first.

1. Edit

I use Lightroom to edit all of my photos, and it’s amazing how much better they look with just a little bit of tweaking. If that’s above your skill set, there’s a free online program called PicMonkey that works well for basic edits.

2. Choose your Photos

Decide which photos you want to include in your vacation scrapbook, then determine which ones you’ll use on each page. I usually do four per page, or two/three if I’m also including a brochure or ticket stubs. It’s also important to consider scrapbook layouts, as a 12×12 page using 4×6 photos can only hold the following:

  • 4 or 5 horizontal
  • 3 horizontal, 1 vertical
  • 2 horizontal, 2 vertical
  • 1 horizontal, 2 vertical

Keep in mind you may want to print some amazing photos off as larger 5x7s, which will affect your layout.

3. Next Steps

After your photos are printed (I find Costco has the best prices for that), clear off a large workspace where you can leave everything lying around for a few days, then lay out each page on the scrapbooking paper. This is the time where you also decide which stickers/cut-outs/memorabilia will go where.

4. Get gluing!

Best Scrapbooks Travel & Journal Ideas

scrapbook travel 20

It’s no secret that I like to make little mini books full of pictures and memories. This little book was extra special to make, because it’s all about my trip to Tennessee to visit my fellow paper crafty friends.

I used my stash of vintage papers, wallpaper, buttons, fabric, and ephemera to build the pages. I also used some Jenni Bowlin rub ons and American Crafts fabric Thickers.

scrapbook travel 21

For the background of the next spread, I used the paper bag that held the photos I brought to the trip. During our crafting times in Tennessee, we passed the bag around the table and used it to protect our work while spraying inks and painting things. I thought it would be fun to include it as a part of my book about the weekend.

Love | Jina Jean

scrapbook travel 1

For this month gallery I made an easy peasy mini album using some journaling cards and only 1 ring. I mainly used 4×6 and 3×5 cards for this mini and just added some stickers, brads and stitches to finish the album. Especially new lines from Chickaniddy are perfect for baby girl’s photos. So cute! and bright. 🙂 I really enjoyed making this simple and easy mini album.

2014 Quiz Book | Jennifer Larson

scrapbook travel 2

Maybe because this winter was so cold and I spent so much time indoors, too much of it on the computer, but I got sucked into lots of quizzes on Zimbio and Buzzfeed. I took screen shots of my results, sized them to fit these envelopes, and made them into this mini album. You can see the quizzes I took as the title for each page.

In case you want to know the results of my quizzes, they are, in order, Portland, Oregon, Hermione, the 90s, turtle on a skateboard, Jasmine, King’s Landing, a Hobbit, Brave, Katniss, Crazy Harry, Carson, Scar, Tyrion, and Princess Leia.

Travel Stories From France | Diane Payne

scrapbook travel 18

It took me a few months to figure out what I wanted to do with some of the photos I took of our trip to France last June. When I discovered the Waterlogue app inspiration finally took hold and I used it to turn highlight photos of our trip into watercolors. I printed the watercolors on muslin by adhering the fabric to cardstock with a repositionable adhesive and ran it through my printer at home.

Japan Vacation Mini Scrapbook

travel scrapbooking ideas

More inserts using patterned cardstock and washi! One thing I want to point out: the paper pad I used only has 1-sided papers so these inserts are created by glueing together two pieces of cardstock together. It’s great for making the pages more durable, but it also takes a little more time to create the pages. If you can find 2-sided patterned paper, use that.

I was inspired by my grandmother’s “pre-baby” travel album to include flip pages in this minibook. I give very basic instructions to create this feature in this IG video. This creates less stress on the spine of your album, and it helps reduce having so much bulk centered in one spot.

travel scrapbook ideas

On the last page, I included a receipt from a store that is found in the U.S. but everything is in Japanese, red bean matcha kitkat packaging, and the ticket from Robot Restaurant. The ticket is taped in so I can flip it to see our seat numbers and three of the photos we took during the show.

Love You | Amy Coose

scrapbook travel 3

I totally went for the mushy factor with this mini. I just wanted a quick reminder of everything I just love about my sweet family.

Spring in January | Monika Głód

scrapbook travel 4

It is a second winter, when there is a lack of snow, and kids are a little bit frustrated. To document this, I used photos taken last year, in the first days of January 2013. I took them with my iPhone and Hipstamatic App, and I used for the album papers in muted colors . Added some stamped phrases, funny chipboards and Dymo stickers. I really like the mood of this album!

We’ve got a spring-like weather already, but I’m so afraid of snow in April, just like last year. It was so annoying, hope it won’t happen this year.

Smash Book Travel Album

travel scrapbook idea
One thing to note. Once I got all the photos in the Smash book it got TOO thick. I had to pull out a few of the pages so the pages would turn easily. Also the design of a few of the pages didn’t match well with the mood I had in mind for my album. So I cut scrapbook paper the same size as the album pages and glued it over the top of the page I didn’t like.

I finished the whole thing a few weeks after I got home, while the trip was fresh in my mind. I was just going through and reading it the other day and thought that I would share it here.

What about you guys? Does anyone else like to keep a record of their adventures?

My Travel Journal

travel scrapbooking ideas

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about living in another country? Or do you ever think back to times when you traveled to fun and exciting places, wishing to return?

Those are the kinds of thoughts that go through my mind as I put together my photos in my travel journal. I love flipping through the pages to remind me of memories I had abroad and during travels in the U.S.

Lately, I’ve been daydreaming of my life back in Spain when I studied abroad—taking a class all about the impact of study abroad doesn’t help this! But today, I wanted to share bits and pieces of my experience in Europe through my travel journal.

Last week, I showed you Part 1, with an inside look into some of my favorite pages of my travel diary. This week is all about places in Europe—especially Spain and Italy!

From Sevilla to Barcelona, I love putting together images that remind me of these places. I included a map of Barcelona, an old Spanish stamped envelope (that I bought at a street market, specifically for scrapbooking purposes!), and photos of my favorite Barcelona architecture and my favorite places in Sevilla.

For the Italy pages, I included parts of a poster of Venice, my Roma Pass I bought to travel around the city conveniently, and a business card of a cute boutique (that was actually in Santorini, Greece).

Best Friends | Carey Bridges

scrapbook travel 5

I created this mini album for my son to take with us on trips. He really misses our dog Copper when we’re gone and she can’t come along! Looking at pictures of her makes him happy.

March Fun Fact

I already have the Disney movie Frozen pre-ordered so I’ll get it the day it is released in mid-March. I just love Disney musicals and will sing right along!

San Diego | Cristina C. Scrap

scrapbook travel 6

Mini albums is what got me into paper from being just a digi scrapper. I don’t do many mini albums nowadays, since most of the events get documented in my Project Life album, but this fun Amy Tangerine daybook was the perfect avenue for these photos from a vacation we took in the summer of 2012. The photos are all taken with our phones.

All our friends are obsessed with Downton Abbey, so we’re organizing a Downton Abbey-themed dinner for the beginning of March. That should be fun!

Scrapbook Travel to Japan

best travel crapbook ideas

The booklet comes with 14 pages so I extended its use by adding in plenty of additional pages using patterned cardstock from Kelly Purkey’s Second City 6×6 paper pad from Basic Grey. I figured the city motifs would be best used for this trip and wanted to use a collection of patterned papers to give the album a cohesive look since I knew I would be including a ton of different cards/tickets/brochures that may not match.

I included my Japan Rail Pass in the front cover to make the cover a little more sturdy and because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to include it in the album. If you’re going to Japan, I highly suggest getting the pass if you’re looking to travel from city to city a bit.

35 Things | Lisa Ottosson

scrapbook travel 7

I made a little different kind of minibook this time. I am recording our everyday life with Project Life and wanted to be able to incorporate the mini in PL. I used 2 page protectors from Simple Stories with 4 pockets sized 3,4”. I started out doing the journaling.

I typed out a list of 35 things about me right now (I turned 35 on the 22nd!) on my typewriter. Then I just trimmed the pattern papers and lists to the right size and slipped everything in the pockets. As you can see I have minimal embellishments and just 2 photos. I love how it turned out and it looks great in my album!

Summer 2013 | Aliza Deutsch

scrapbook travel 8

Pardon my less than charming sub-title. I just felt the need to tell it like it is. But making the album really helped me look back with fond memories of this summer. I don’t usually use my handwriting in any of my scrapbook pages or albums, but I was traveling, and so it had to be done.

Travel Highlights Mini

travel journal and scrapbook idea

Sometime last year, I had the idea to create a mini book summarizing my adventures for 2014 since I had done quite a bit of travelling. I wanted to keep it small and simple, and it became a fun and personal side-project throughout the year. I eventually finished it a couple of weeks ago, and here it is!


I used the We R Memory Keepers 4×4 album in black and the coordinating 4×4 and 2×2 page protectors.


Format – My original plan was to make a two page spread (left & right) for each city visited with a 4×4 photo on the left and title/journaling on the right. The cities where I spent a bit more time would get an extra 2×2 page protector with a few more photos/embellishments. Due to the size limitations of the album, I ended up having to alter my plans a bit (when I got to my Spain spreads), which I’ll discuss later on.

Style – I wanted to stick with a simple and clean style, with layered details so I used a lot of tags and die cuts from my stash of scrapbook supplies and stationery.

Consistency – Since my mini would be documenting so many different cities, I wanted to have some kind of consistency in my album so I did so with the alphas I used: I chose (retired) Kelly Purkey alpha stickers for my city titles and (old) Studio Calico tiny alpha stamps for the country names. I would also label each city with dates and jot down some highlights about the trip.

Keep pages flat – I quickly realized that I would be using a lot of page protectors. I wanted to ensure that everything would fit in one album, so I opted not to use anything bulky. I relied heavily on patterned paper, labels, stamps, die-cuts, and washi tape as my primary embellishments.

Supplies – Aside from the album, I did not purchase anything new specifically for this mini. My goal was to use up my stash. The majority of my supplies are from past Studio Calico kits, several stamps I used are ones designed by Kelly Purkey, and I also pulled out my stationery and Japanese washi tape.


Keeping it simple, using some of my favorite die-cuts, tickets and stamps! The airplane paper clip is probably the bulkiest thing in this album.

scrapbooks travel ideas

I started my book off with a summary of the year. I created the map and infographic in Photoshop and they were inspired by the lovely infographic from my favorite adventurers Mr & Mrs Globetrot. Some of the numbers are approximate and I did my best adding them up based on my memory and my travel journals.

scrapbook idea 3

I thought of two possible ways to organize this mini: by continent or chronologically. I decided to go chronological, and the first trip of 2014 was to see the Northern Lights. It was a pretty epic way to start the year.

scrapbook idea 4

scrapbooks ideas 5

Oh, Paris ♥ I couldn’t resist printing off the ‘Bonjour Paris’ illustration for one of my 2×2 slots from Anna Bond’s instagram.

scrapbooks ideas 6

I stamped the full country name with some old SC alpha stamps the first time the country is mentioned, and for the succeeding pages relating to the same country, I opted to only stamp the country abbreviations. ie. I stamped ‘Belgum’ on my Brussels page, but I only stamped ‘BE’ for the Bruges and Ghent pages.

scrapbooks ideas 7

scrapbooks ideas 8

I love finding opportunites to use my Aloha stamp set (the cityscape stamped on the Manila page). It’s still one of my favorites.

Once I got to my Spain pages, I realized my album was getting pretty full and that there would be no way I could fit all my travels in this one mini if I continued doing two-page spreads for each city. So aside from Barcelona and Madrid (which we spent more time in so I thought they deserved regular spreads), the smaller cities each got one side of a 2×2 page protector.

scrapbooks ideas 9

For these smaller cities, I printed off two 2″ photos, used one slot for journaling, and the last slot for the title card. To keep things consistent, each title card had the first letter of the city name on a tab, then I stamped the name of the city beside it (and SP for Spain) and included the date visited. It was pretty fun to pick different die-cuts and alpha stamps for the tabs!

scrapbooks ideas 10

The number of page protectors/little cities didn’t quite work out perfectly so Barcelona got a 4×4 photo/page and a 2×2 page protector instead of two 4×4 ones, but I just rolled with it.

scrapbooks ideas 11

I think the Sapporo page is one of my favorite spreads in the mini, perhaps because I used part of a KesiArt patterned paper that I’ve hoarded forever. I’m trying to actually use my supplies instead of hoarding them, because it seems so much better to enjoy the prettiness when it is used on a project 🙂

scrapbooks ideas 12

For the final page, I used some Kelly Purkey stamps, Studio Calico stickers + a geotag rub-on, and my favorite washi tape. I kept it simple with just one last note on 2014 being the year of travel and adventure.

scrapbooks ideas 13

Here’s another look at my album. You can see how flat the pages are, yet how full the album is. If I really needed to, I could probably squeeze in one or two more page protectors.

scrapbooks ideas 14

In total, I used twenty eight page protectors. I love how fat and full this album is! Another one to add to my growing collection of mini-books.

scrapbooks ideas 15

scrapbooks ideas 16

2013 | Jennie McGarvey

scrapbook travel 9

This album was meant to be SUPER simple. I wanted to letterpress details to keep it feeling very elegant and interesting, yet not fussy. There are a few embellishment, but the focus is really on my favorite photos of 2013.

Oh Happy Day | Stephanie Bryan

scrapbook travel 10

When I started this mini album, I wanted to have a “messier” book full of various page sizes and photo sizes throughout. I started by using my Silhouette Cameo to cut my title onto the wood veneer paper from the Gossamer Blue March kits.

From there, I trimmed down various pieces of patterned papers to fit into my book. Then I started layering and adding my photos onto each piece. Once all of the photos were into place, I grabbed out my embellishments and decorated each page (my favorite part!).

Happy Anniversary | Christine Newman

scrapbook travel 11

I made this mini album in secret to give to my husband Todd as an anniversary gift. I worked on it sporadically over a month, whenever he wasn’t home!

The Guys | Kate Christensen

scrapbook travel 12

I wanted all the pages from this father-son fishing trip to be cohesive – same paper, same elements, same font, etc. Perfect opportunity for a mini album!

Big Brother | Valerie O’Neall

scrapbook travel 14

I went pretty small this time with my mini. It’s made almost entirely of journal cards from My Mind’s Eye new Record It Just Splendid collection. It’s the perfect little book to celebrate my son as a big brother.

Summer 2012 | Francine Clouden

scrapbook travel 15

After several years of Mini Madness here at write. click. scrapbook. I now know that I prefer to make my minis from scratch, rather than using a premade blank mini album. That way I can make it the size and shape that works with my photos.

For this mini I used kraft cardstock for the foundation. I then dug into my stash for papers and embellishments to suit my summer theme. Some of them are quite old! I am so happy to finally document summer of 2012 with these Instax photos.

Gate Crashing | WaiSam Ho

scrapbook travel 16

I created this mini album a while ago but haven’t had a chance to post it up yet. When I know this month theme is going to be Mini Madness, I know I gotta save this mini albums for the gallery.

This is by far my favourite album, inspired by the awesome mixed media scrapbooeker Celine Navarro, to use a lot of gesso and mixed media techniques here.

Wanted to keep this album simple and airy, hrmm….. This album turned out to be quite bulky and also heavy due to the flowers, the paints and mixed mediums. For those who want to give mixed media technique a try, this is gonna be a fun one!

March is gonna be a busy month again for me! Okay, it seems I have been saying that every month 😉 But March is my baby boy’s 1st birthday (no longer a baby) and also my first going for a week’s baby-less trip. Let’s see how I cope without a baby and also rushing for assignment due dates!

Our Trip to New Mexico | Sue Althouse

scrapbook travel 17

I made a simple mini-album using this 2-up photo album scrapbook to document our trip to New Mexico. The photos and bits of memorabilia tell the story. I also scrapped some of the photos on 12×12 layouts with more extensive journaling.

24 Things I Learned from my Mom | Amy Sorensen

scrapbook travel 19

Last year on Mother’s Day, I wrote a Facebook post with ten things I learned from my mom. I tagged her, of course, and she does use Facebook…but not very well or very often. It made me a little bit sad that she never saw that post (nor the nice comments left by friends who know her). So I decided to make a little album to give her this Mother’s Day.

Since I wanted to include more than just ten photos, I expanded my list to 24 things I learned from my mom. The items are fairly random, and so are the photos. I did a search in my photos directory for pictures with my mom’s name in the tag, and then I picked my favorites. I tried to get a wide variety of pictures. Some have me, my kids, my nieces and nephews, my sisters, and just my parents, but they all have my mom in them. The oldest is from 2003 and the newest from December of 2013.

Not all of the pictures were taken as landscape pictures, and I wanted them all to run the same way, so I cropped the vertical ones smaller, so they’d fit in the 5×7 pockets in the album. Then I just used the remaining white space as the place for the text.

To unify all those colors in 24 different pictures, I kept the text very simple and I left a lot of white space. I used two pieces of patterned paper from Pebbles’ Garden Party line and cut them into scalloped borders with my Silhouette. I used both sides of each pattern, so I had four repeating patterns that I edged each text space with.

I confess: this is the FOURTH mini I’ve made in these 5×7 Pioneer album. 5×7 is the perfect size for a mini I think! I’m really excited to give it to my mom on Mother’s Day. Plus…I’m feeling proud of myself for being finished with a project so early. Usually I am finishing it up the day I give it!

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